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In October 1835 the former Catholic church was consecrated by the Right Reverend Cyril, the Archbishop for Podoliya and Braclaw as an Orthodox church, namely the Nativity Church.
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Cathedral in Tulchin. Tulchin Diocese.

The Christ-Christmas Tulchin Cathedral in Tulchin was built at the expense of Count Stanislav Potocki in 1786-1817, as a Catholic Dominican church with monastic cells. But already in 1832, the Tulchinsky Cathedral (Tulchin Diocese), due to the fact that Podolia finally came out from under Polish influence, was transferred to the Orthodox department of the Moscow Patriarchate Church in Tulchin. The highest command was to close "excessive Catholic monasteries, which did not correspond to their purpose both for a small number of monks and for lack of means for subsistence." One of the compelling reasons for the conversion of Dominican monasteries in Kamenets, Smotrich, Letychiv, Vinnitsa, Bar, Tulchin, Sokolts, Tyvrov.

Request for help to restore the roof of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral

On July 2, 2019, a natural disaster occurred in the Vinnitsa region: a strong wind partially destroyed the roof of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral on the street. Leontovich, 41 Tulchin, Vinnytsia region The roof of the architectural complex of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral was damaged.

With God's help, work was carried out to eliminate the consequences of the natural disaster.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our call for help and contributed to the good cause!

May the All-Merciful Lord return you a hundredfold your offerings, send His great bounties and mercies to you and your loved ones! Will give strength for new achievements of good.

Thanks to your help and the sale of a part of the personal property of the rector and cleric of the Cathedral (for the purchase of roofing material), it was possible to finish the roof of the entire architectural complex of the Nativity - Christ's Cathedral.

However, there are still not small debts to the roofers and the unfinished exterior of the cathedral (balusters and railings that were dismantled due to their damage and unsuitability for use).

We ask you to help, if possible, with the means for a complete settlement with the specialists of the roofing systems of the temple complex, as well as for ordering and installing architectural elements of the exterior.

According to the details listed below or on the charity and contacts tab (for help from foreign donors).

rector of the Nativity of Christ of the Cathedral
Bishop Ladyzhinsky, vicar of the Tulchin diocese of the UOC,
Tulchin, Tulchin diocese of the UOC

Bank details for donations:

account card number 5169 3305 1142 9075

or to a current account

KB "Privatbank" Vinnitsa.

hryvnia account UA043026890000026000055317042,

MFO 302689, ЄGRPOU 38815180

Nativity of Christ Cathedral

indicating: donation for the cathedral

Link to details for donations in different currencies (UAH / RUB / EUR / USD)

Photo documentation of the work performed on the replacement of the roof

Gallery #2
Gallery #2
 Photo cathedral
Photo cathedral
 Photo cathedral
Photo cathedral

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