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In October 1835 the former Catholic church was consecrated by the Right Reverend Cyril, the Archbishop for Podoliya and Braclaw as an Orthodox church, namely the Nativity Church.
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Cathedral in Tulchin. Tulchin Diocese.

The Christ-Christmas Tulchin Cathedral in Tulchin was built at the expense of Count Stanislav Potocki in 1786-1817, as a Catholic Dominican church with monastic cells. But already in 1832, the Tulchinsky Cathedral (Tulchin Diocese), due to the fact that Podolia finally came out from under Polish influence, was transferred to the Orthodox department of the Moscow Patriarchate Church in Tulchin. The highest command was to close "excessive Catholic monasteries, which did not correspond to their purpose both for a small number of monks and for lack of means for subsistence." One of the compelling reasons for the conversion of Dominican monasteries in Kamenets, Smotrich, Letychiv, Vinnitsa, Bar, Tulchin, Sokolts, Tyvrov.

A request for help to restore the roof of the Nativity of Christ Cathedral

On July 2, 2019, a natural disaster occurred in the central-western part of the Vinnytsya oblast: a strong wind has caused considerable damage to housing and economic objects and land. We regret to state that this natural disaster partially destroyed and roofed the Nativity of Christ Cathedral - monuments of architecture of national significance (oh.or.992) on the street. Leontovich, 41 in the city of Tulchin, Vinnytsia region. Damaged rafting system with lattices and roofing iron of the refectory and altar parts of the temple and the adjacent parts of the right and left wing of the cathedral.
Taking into account the important historical, cultural and spiritual significance of the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ in the town of Tulchyn, with the blessing of the governor of the Tulchyn diocese of the UOC, Metropolitan Tulchinsky and Bratslavsky Ionafan, on behalf of the religious community the bishop of Tulchinsky Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ Bishop Ladyzhynsky Sergey (Anitsa Sergey Leonidovich), vicar of the Tulchin Diocese , the manager of the affairs of the Tulchyn Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is respectfully asking for assistance in conducting urgent emergency works of the roof of the department righteous cathedral through the provision of irreversible charity.
If we are not able to restore the roof of the roof by joint efforts, there is a direct threat of damage to unique paintings, stucco interior decoration and the collapse of the roof of the temple. Atmospheric precipitation passes through dome walls and flows on the floor. So please do not refuse our appeal.
We pray for you kind health, heartfelt joy, graceful fortune of spiritual forces and God's help!

Charity help can be transferred to the settlement account of the Tulskoi diocese with the mark: "For the emergency repair of the roof of the Tulchinsky Cathedral":

p / account 26007060044176
MFI 302689
Vinnytsya branch of CB "PrivatBank"
USREOU 21725546

or on the card of the Tulchin Diocese

(manager Metropolitan Jonathan (Anatoliy Ivanovich Eletsky)):
5169 3305 1142 9075 (PrivatBank)

Annex: photo documentation of the destruction of the roof and its internal flow of property complex of the cathedral as of July 2, 2019.

Sincerely, Bishop Ladyzhynsky, Vicar of the Tulskoi Diocese of the UOC, the rector of the Nativity of the Cathedral of Christ of Tulchyn, the Tulchin Diocese of the UOC


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